HEAP Item Bank

One of HEAP's key resources that supports the mission of improving health literacy is a continually-expanding, 2000+ assessment item bank that was developed based on the national health education standards. Click here for item bank coverage and development details.

Educators and Researchers can use the bank to:

  • Create personalized formative assessments
  • Develop test instruments for summative assessment and research purposes
  • Deliver online tests and access real-time reports to analyze test instruments
Sample Item - Click to Enlarge


One of HEAP Health Literacy's innovative efforts to improve the item bank has been to design a professional development component, called Cognitive Progression Sets.


These sets of assessment items are used to guide teachers and other health educators in developing new assessment items that require and assess higher levels of cognitive demand.

Test Instrument Development and Online Testing

MetaLogic offers robust technology for collaborative item and test development, online testing and real-time reporting. These features enable researchers to create and pilot new test instruments View Sample Reports.

Arkansas High School Students taking Online HEAP Test